As a constituent of the 145th district and after reviewing the proposed changes to the PA district maps, I do not support the obvious gerrymandering underway simply because one parties support is disintegrating due to poor principle and policy making. Gerrymandering the maps because of minimal support in the region should be a wake up call that the policy making is non-representative. This is how it's supposed to work. Disproportional redistricting, at this point in time, is a clear and obvious attempt to potentially perpetuate a failing political platform that, locally, serves only to divide communities of interest and misrepresent constituents in the region, despite regulations set forth by our state Constitution. Those regulations for the state House maps are outlined by the Pennsylvania Constitution: 1. contiguity 2. compactness, 3. equal population 4. respect of county lines with regard to cities, towns, boroughs and townships. The newly proposed map represents an attempt to elect individuals that serve an unpopular public policy making apparatus while carving up neighborhoods and communities and have no place in Bucks County. If we are to select a redistricting map due to recent 2020 Census population increase for the county, Bucks Map 1A or 1B both absorb the population increase, serve to maintain the "Deep Purple" Bucks County competitiveness and representation while maintaining current districts and communities within the Constitutional provisions.