PA Senate 3, redrawn to morph into SD 7

I’m not sure what can be visually observed to be an improvement for me, currently living in SD 3. I grew up in PA-7 – in Upper Providence, from 1952–1985. PA-7 became the laughing stock of the country, an example of the worst possible gerrymandering. I now live in SD 3, and when I first moved here 2 years ago, I was non-plussed by the whacky shape of this district. In the LRC proposal, I fear the redrawn SD 3 is WORSE... I have no idea why this redrawn SD 3, now SD 7 for me, is beginning to look like the ludicrous PA-7. What were they thinking? Not sure which incumbents are being protected here, but the lack of “compactness” for SD 3–>SD 7 is shameful. Alas, SD 3 before redrawing was also “Goofy-like.” I’m unsure how SD or SD 7 is supposted to uite a cohort of residents under a single senator, but the “challenging” results of Senate redraw is clearly only benefiting incumbents and hangers-on, and not addressing the voters in that district, who live in “neighorhoods” and share common life experence. Ugh.