East Goshen Should Not Be Split

Today I am writing to request that the reapportionment be reconsidered for East Goshen Township. I write on behalf of myself & two of my fellow supervisors. This current map chops our township into northern & southern halves. This directly violates the requirement that the legislature shall not split township. In addition to chopping our township in half, there is a single polling location that has two polls-EG1 & EG3, which are split in the new maps. This will create true voter confusion. People come in, often not knowing which of the two polling locations they belong to, which will be further exacerbated by having different state representatives to vote for. Additionally, in the reapportionment law, it puts the onus of creating districts of similar size on the reapportionment committee. As drawn, the 156th district has 63,235 constituents, while the 167th has 66,369, for a difference of 3134 constituents. By keeping EG precinct #1 in the 156th, it balances the two more effectively, giving the 156th 65,272 & the 167th 64,332 constituents, for a difference of only 940 residents. And keeping EG1 within the 156th gives voters for two polls at one location at least a fighting chance of knowing who they could be voting for. Voter confusion is already an issue, districts should be of similar size. Please, consider keeping East Goshen Township WHOLE, as you are tasked to in the redistricting process. Regards, Michele D. Truitt, Chair, East Goshen Board of Supervisors John F. Hertzog, Vice Chair, East Goshen Board of Supervisors Cody Bright, Member, East Goshen Board of Supervisors