Racial Justice & Equal Access is a Priority

My name is Janet Katz and I live in Lansdale, PA, a community in Montgomery County. I am a member of Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen, a congregation of over 1,000 families. As a member of the social justice committee, with ties to RAC-PA, I have been following the developments of the redistricting process. When I look at the proposed new district maps, it still appears that some districts cross county borders and separate communities. While I don't completely understand all the nuances of creating a district map, I do want assurance that the final maps will provide racial equality and equal access to voting across our commonwealth. I am concerned that the progress the LRC has made in taking into consideration racial justice when creating the preliminary maps must be preserved or enhanced in the final district configuration. Voting rights are at the heart of our democracy and the current redistricting must ensure that every voice can be heard through the voting process. This must be the primary focus of redistricting, without allowing partisan politics to interfere in the process. I thank you for your efforts to date and anticipate continued attention to making sure that the voices of all Pennsylvanians can be heard equally. Janet Katz